Global Gag Rule Hearing

For the first time in seven years, the House has scheduled a hearing to investigate the devastating effects of the global gag rule. We would love for you to join us and fill the room, showing our support for the women of the world. I know its short notice, but I wanted to pass it along in case you were interested.


The hearing will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) October 31st at 10am. We recommend that you get there by 8:30 am in case there is a long line. There’s no way that we can predict the crowd, so we can’t guarantee a seat to everyone. The hearing is scheduled to occur in room 2173 of the Rayburn Building. Please RSVP and get more details by emailing


Find out more about the global gag rule at


What does “Pregnant? Need Help?” Really Mean?

It means that there is a Crisis Pregnancy Center in your neighborhood.

What is a CPC?

Many Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake “clinics,” generally run by anti-choice activists. CPCs often provide misleading and inaccurate information to women about reproductive health issues, such as birth control and abortion. While there are centers that do not deceive women or attempt to coerce them into making choices against their will, many CPCs use deceptive and intimidating practices to prevent women from accessing the full range of reproductive-health options.

Come learn what you can do fight back against fake clinics at our monthly CRAB meeting.


November 13, 2007
7:30 p.m.

Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
1710 Dulaney Valley Rd.
Lutherville, MD 21093

To RSVP or for more information contact Melissa at

Pro-Choice? I can’t hear you.

Has an encounter with an anti-choice person ever left you speechless?


Are you pro-choice, but too nervous to vocalize your beliefs?

Well, put your pro-choice anxiety to bed by coming to Baltimore CRAB’s “How to Talk about Choice Training

Where we will discuss proven methods on how to effectively and persuasively talk about choice in any social situation

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Melissa at or 301-565-4154.


Meeting tonight

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting tonight at Red Emma’s on St. Paul St. in Mount Vernon at 7:30 pm. I hope to report some good things back here. I welcome all CRAB members to post to this blog. See you, Julie



O’Malley Budget Doesn’t Support Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pro-choice advocates received some encouraging news last week when incoming Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s budget was made public. Anti-choice Catholic leaders had asked for $1 million in public funding to support so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” which lure women in under false pretenses, provide inaccurate information and use scare tactics to dissuade women from choosing legal abortion. For more information on CPC’s, download this report from NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland.

Keep reading for the anti-choicers’ own words describing their recent defeat:

From Catholic Review:

While leaders of the Mary­land Catholic Conference were pleased that Gov. Mar­tin J. O’Malley included money in his budget for non­public school students, they expressed deep disappoint­ment that he boosted fund­ing for embryonic-stem-cell research and did not support a proposed abortion alterna­tives program promoted by Cardinal William H. Keeler.

Nancy Fortier Paltell, MCC associate director for respect for life, called it “very sad” that Gov. O’Malley is devot­ing substantially more mon­ey to scientific research that is “unethical.” She has called for funding non-embryonic stem­cell research.

Ms. Paltell was also displeased that the new governor provided no money for an abortion alternatives program that would have aided women in crisis pregnancies who choose to have their babies.

“It’s really sad to see that the administration saw fit to continue to provide money for abortion, but I didn’t see anything for assisting agencies that support women in crisis pregnancies,” said Ms. Paltell, referring specifically to a new women’s services program pushed by Cardinal Keeler and the state’s Catholic bishops. Catholic leaders had asked for $1 million in funding for the proposed program.

From Catholic Review 1/25/2007 p3

Welcome to the Baltimore CRABlog

This is the brand new weblog of Baltimore CRAB (Communities Resisting Abortion and Birth Control Bans). We’re just getting started with this blog, but be sure to check back here to find out what we’re working on, and for news about reproductive health and freedom issues in Baltimore, around Maryland, and the entire country.

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